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Ágaetis byrjun - Sigur Ros, 20 year Anniversary

These Four Walls (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

Announcement: Demo Compilation - 'Brought To Light'


Date Artist Venue City Country Country
16/06 MNNQNS 16/06 MNNQNS Unknown venue Taiyüan China Taiyüan, China
21/06 MNNQNS 21/06 MNNQNS Unknown venue Wuhan China Wuhan, China
22/06 Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch 22/06 Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch Kings Place - Hall Two London UK London, UK
22/06 MNNQNS 22/06 MNNQNS Unknown venue Wuhan China Wuhan, China
23/06 MNNQNS 23/06 MNNQNS Unknown venue Shunde China Shunde, China
28/06 MNNQNS 28/06 MNNQNS Hippodrome de Navarre Évreux France Évreux, France
28/06 The Twilight Sad 28/06 The Twilight Sad Festivalpark Werchter Werchter Belgium Werchter, Belgium
04/07 MNNQNS 04/07 MNNQNS Unknown venue Caen France Caen, France
04/07 Tal National 04/07 Tal National Victoria Park London Canada London, Canada
05/07 MNNQNS 05/07 MNNQNS Unknown venue Belfort France Belfort, France
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