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Shida Shahabi 'Homes' album - OUT NOW

Breathe Panel shares new music video and tour dates

Listen: Shida Shahabi selects tracks for our Spotify playlist


Date Artist Venue City Country Country
19/10 The Twilight Sad 19/10 The Twilight Sad The Crocodile Seattle US Seattle, US
20/10 MNNQNS 20/10 MNNQNS Unknown venue Nevers France Nevers, France
20/10 MNNQNS 20/10 MNNQNS La Parenthèse Nyon Switzerland Nyon, Switzerland
20/10 The Twilight Sad 20/10 The Twilight Sad Fox Cabaret Vancouver Canada Vancouver, Canada
24/10 Breathe Panel 24/10 Breathe Panel Heartbreakers Southampton UK Southampton, UK
25/10 Breathe Panel 25/10 Breathe Panel The Garage London UK London, UK
25/10 The Twilight Sad 25/10 The Twilight Sad Turf Club Twin Cities US Twin Cities, US
26/10 Breathe Panel 26/10 Breathe Panel The Haunt Brighton UK Brighton, UK
26/10 The Twilight Sad 26/10 The Twilight Sad THEATER ON THE LAKE Chicago US Chicago, US
27/10 MNNQNS 27/10 MNNQNS La Citrouille Saint Brieuc France Saint Brieuc, France
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