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One of the first artists to be released on FatCat, maverick producer Arthur Smith has to date released 4 stunning 12"s for the label. With all material untitled, tracks are based around chunky, driving rhythm loops, working a space that puts Grain up there with the likes of Jeff Mills, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Steve Bicknell and Robert Hood. One element that sets Grain apart from these produc...


Grain, Artwork and Derrick May At XOYO

Posted on Monday, 29th January

On the 9th of March you'll find Artwork's enigmatic techno alias Grain playing alongside Derrick May at XOYO in London, Shoreditch!

Find out more about Grain on his page here, and listen to the four releases he has with FatCat!

To get tickets follow THIS link

12" Vinyl Now Back In Store

Posted on Thursday, 30th June

We have just located very limited stock of the following 12", click on the link to buy from our store but hurry as we only have a few copies!

12FAT005 - Live Human / Improvisations

12FAT011 - Dylan Group - If I had been able...

12FAT015 - Heaven lamp - Sons of the sun

12FAT026 - Chasm / Bannlust - Split #5

12FAT027 - Matmos / Motion - Split #11

12FAT028 - Immense - Spontaneous Combustion 

12FAT031 - Child & Read / Janskey Noise - Split #6

12FAT035 - Smith / Ludlow - rinsin' with the doctor

12FAT041 - Grain - Untitled 4

12FAT044 - Black Dice - Miles of Smiles

12FAT042 - QT? / Alejandra & Aeron - Split #13

12FAT046 - David Grubbs / Avey Tare - Split #16

12FAT048 - Ivytree / Chris Smith - Split #17