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Steve Bicknell

Being part of, evolving and developing the scene since the beginning of the 1990's as a producer, DJ, promoter and general creative, Steve Bicknell is a name often mentioned when you talk about techno. Whether you refer to his renowned and beloved club night LOST (that span for over 25 years) or one of his two labels - it is clear that Bicknell plays a very vital part in the game. Steve's sonic...


Steve Bicknell - Scientist Mix - The Vinyl Factory

Posted on Friday, 12th January

Steve Bicknell has just done a mix of Jamaican legend Scientist for Vinyl Factory.

"Hopeton Overton Brown aka Scientist was my introduction to collecting music. As a teen on my way home from school I would pop into Dub Vendor in Clapham Junction, listen and soak up the atmosphere of the shop, the music, and carefully purchase a few pieces of vinyl, one album being Big Showdown at King Tubby's 1980." 

"Around this time Scientist's output was quite plentiful as he became the principle engineer for Channel One, so more albums and 12's soon followed. Brown's production approach still inspires me today, and will throughout my lifetime. I aimed to present the mix in a showdown fashion, I hope this comes across. A few pops and crackles but I cleaned the vinyl the best I could"

Listen to the mix here

FatCat Year Round Up And Looking Ahead To 2018

Posted on Wednesday, 20th December

As we head towards the end of 2017, we can look back on yet another busy year here at FatCat, with singles from C Duncan, Honeyblood and Shopping, and the debut releases from new signing Knightstown. Whilst there was just the one FatCat album from Tall Ships, 2017 saw a welter of activity across its imprints.

A year on from its 15th anniversary, our 130701 imprint released albums from Olivier Alary, Ian William Craig and Dmitry Evgrafov as well as a digital-only single which saw Oliviery Alary and Ian William Craig trading remixes. We also broke new ground in 2017 through the setting up of 2 brand new imprints - both of which hark back to FatCat's origins as one of London's most influential dance-based record shops. The club-based FCR label kicked into life with 12" releases from Cottam and DJJ; whilst 6dimensions - run by our very old ally and Lost founder Steve Bicknell - saw releases from Bicknell himself, Metro Skim and Heartless. 

You can hear a brief overview of our year via a 2017 digital sampler compilation we've put together and are giving away FREE with every physical purchase made from the webstore. The sampler contains a track from every one of the artists we've released this year.

2018 looks like being busy again. Whilst we're still putting together our release schedule, so far we have a cracking line-up of confirmed releases to look forward to, including further singles and a debut album from Knightstown; new albums from Shopping and Tal National; and reissues of Frightened Rabbit's 'Midnight Organ Fight' (to mark its tenth anniversary)and mum's 'Finally we Are No one'. On FCR, there are new 12"s from Project 223 and Cottam; and on 6Dimensions from Jing, Steve Bicknell and Metro Skim.

We'll also be celebrating the fact that 2018 sees FatCat's 21st birthday as a label.

Steve Bicknell - S.B. Project Podcast

Posted on Friday, 8th December

BASSIANI have just posted a killer DJ mix by 6dimensions Steve Bicknell.

Going under his old S.B. moniker, the mix sees Steve playing classic house tracks from the 80's and 90's. 

Listen to the podcast here

Steve Bicknell Tour !

Posted on Monday, 4th December

The New Year is soon here and so is Steve Bicknell's Tour!  

See the tour dates here:

28/12/17 - Steve Bicknell (DJ) - Ciel - Goa - India
29/12/17 - Steve Bicknell (DJ) - Anarchy - Mumbai - India
30/12/17 - Steve Bicknell (LSD) - Berghain - Berlin - Germany
13/01/18 - Steve Bicknell (DJ) - Baronisse - Baroo - Italy
26/01/18 - Steve Bicknell (DJ) - MMA - Germany - Munich
27/01/18 - Steve Bicknell (DJ) - Kepler Club - Giovinazzo - Italy
09/02/18 - Steve Bicknell (DJ) - Tresor - Germany
10/02/18 - Steve Bicknell (LSD) Junction 2 - LSD

If you don't want to wait to hear Steve Bicknell live but want to listen now, check out his new 12" 'Awakening the Past'!