Date Artist Venue City Country Country
18/01 The Growlers 18/01 The Growlers Metro Theatre Sydney Australia Sydney, Australia
19/01 The Growlers 19/01 The Growlers Narrabeen RSL Sydney Australia Sydney, Australia
20/01 The Growlers 20/01 The Growlers Main Room, The Gov Adelaide Australia Adelaide, Australia
20/01 The Twilight Sad 20/01 The Twilight Sad Jumbo Records Leeds UK Leeds, UK
21/01 The Twilight Sad 21/01 The Twilight Sad Rough Trade Nottingham Nottingham UK Nottingham, UK
22/01 The Twilight Sad 22/01 The Twilight Sad Rough Trade Bristol Bristol UK Bristol, UK
23/01 The Twilight Sad 23/01 The Twilight Sad Cafe Thirty8 Swindon UK Swindon, UK
24/01 The Twilight Sad 24/01 The Twilight Sad Rough Trade East London UK London, UK
25/01 MNNQNS 25/01 MNNQNS Le Sax Paris France Paris, France
29/01 The Twilight Sad 29/01 The Twilight Sad Usher Hall Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
30/01 The Twilight Sad 30/01 The Twilight Sad Clarks on Lindsay Street Dundee UK Dundee, UK
01/02 Breathe Panel 01/02 Breathe Panel Apple and Parrot Exeter UK Exeter, UK
01/02 Shida Shahabi 01/02 Shida Shahabi Unknown venue Baden Switzerland Baden, Switzerland
07/02 MNNQNS 07/02 MNNQNS Centre Culturel Le Bouillon Orléans France Orléans, France
07/02 Shida Shahabi 07/02 Shida Shahabi Kunsthalle Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Germany Düsseldorf, Germany
14/02 Breathe Panel 14/02 Breathe Panel Heartbreakers Southampton UK Southampton, UK
15/02 Breathe Panel 15/02 Breathe Panel Dark Horse Birmingham UK Birmingham, UK
16/02 Breathe Panel 16/02 Breathe Panel Purple Turtle Reading UK Reading, UK
18/02 Breathe Panel 18/02 Breathe Panel Jimmy's NQ Manchester UK Manchester, UK
19/02 Breathe Panel 19/02 Breathe Panel The Hug and Pint Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
20/02 Breathe Panel 20/02 Breathe Panel Hyde Park Book Club Leeds UK Leeds, UK
21/02 Breathe Panel 21/02 Breathe Panel The Shacklewell Arms London UK London, UK
21/02 MNNQNS 21/02 MNNQNS L'Antipode MJC Rennes France Rennes, France
22/02 Breathe Panel 22/02 Breathe Panel Rough Trade Bristol Bristol UK Bristol, UK
27/02 The Twilight Sad 27/02 The Twilight Sad Manchester Gorilla Manchester UK Manchester, UK
28/02 The Twilight Sad 28/02 The Twilight Sad Electric Ballroom London UK London, UK
02/03 MNNQNS 02/03 MNNQNS Le Moulin Brainans France Brainans, France
02/03 The Twilight Sad 02/03 The Twilight Sad Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
08/03 Breathe Panel 08/03 Breathe Panel SXSW Austin US Austin, US
14/03 Shida Shahabi 14/03 Shida Shahabi Uppsala Konstmuseum Uppsala Sweden Uppsala, Sweden
29/03 Tal National 29/03 Tal National Motorco Music Hall Durham US Durham, US
30/03 MNNQNS 30/03 MNNQNS File 7 Magny Le Hongre France Magny Le Hongre, France
05/04 MNNQNS 05/04 MNNQNS 6PAR4 Laval France Laval, France
20/04 MNNQNS 20/04 MNNQNS La Sirene La Rochelle France La Rochelle, France
14/06 The Twilight Sad 14/06 The Twilight Sad Maimarkt-Gelände Mannheim Germany Mannheim, Germany
14/06 The Twilight Sad 14/06 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Duisburg Germany Duisburg, Germany
11/07 The Twilight Sad 11/07 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Madrid Spain Madrid, Spain
11/07 The Twilight Sad 11/07 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Lleida Spain Lleida, Spain
16/08 The Twilight Sad 16/08 The Twilight Sad Bellahouston Park Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
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