Date Artist Venue City Country Country
23/03 PAWS 23/03 PAWS Trans-Pecos New York US New York, US
29/03 Tal National 29/03 Tal National Motorco Music Hall Durham US Durham, US
30/03 MNNQNS 30/03 MNNQNS File 7 Magny Le Hongre France Magny Le Hongre, France
02/04 Breathe Panel 02/04 Breathe Panel Boileroom London UK London, UK
03/04 Breathe Panel 03/04 Breathe Panel The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton UK Wolverhampton, UK
05/04 Breathe Panel 05/04 Breathe Panel The Adelphi / New Adelphi Hull UK Hull, UK
05/04 MNNQNS 05/04 MNNQNS 6PAR4 Laval France Laval, France
06/04 Breathe Panel 06/04 Breathe Panel Sound Basement Liverpool UK Liverpool, UK
07/04 Breathe Panel 07/04 Breathe Panel Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
08/04 Breathe Panel 08/04 Breathe Panel Head of Steam - Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne UK Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
10/04 Breathe Panel 10/04 Breathe Panel Oslo Hackney London UK London, UK
11/04 Breathe Panel 11/04 Breathe Panel Brighton Prince Albert Brighton UK Brighton, UK
12/04 Steve Bicknell 12/04 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue London UK London, UK
13/04 Breathe Panel 13/04 Breathe Panel The Cookie Leicester UK Leicester, UK
18/04 Steve Bicknell 18/04 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Beijing China Beijing, China
19/04 C Duncan 19/04 C Duncan The Lemon Tree Aberdeen UK Aberdeen, UK
19/04 Steve Bicknell 19/04 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Shanghai China Shanghai, China
20/04 MNNQNS 20/04 MNNQNS La Sirene La Rochelle France La Rochelle, France
20/04 Steve Bicknell 20/04 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Guangzhou China Guangzhou, China
22/04 Honeyblood 22/04 Honeyblood Baby's All Right New York US New York, US
23/04 Honeyblood 23/04 Honeyblood The Echo Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
25/04 C Duncan 25/04 C Duncan The Cluny Newcastle Upon Tyne UK Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
26/04 C Duncan 26/04 C Duncan Band on the Wall Manchester UK Manchester, UK
26/04 Jing 26/04 Jing Unknown venue Taipei Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
27/04 C Duncan 27/04 C Duncan Castle & Falcon Birmingham UK Birmingham, UK
27/04 Steve Bicknell 27/04 Steve Bicknell Unknown venue Bergen Norway Bergen, Norway
29/04 C Duncan 29/04 C Duncan Thekla Bristol UK Bristol, UK
30/04 C Duncan 30/04 C Duncan Brighton Komedia Brighton UK Brighton, UK
30/04 Honeyblood 30/04 Honeyblood Waterfront Norwich UK Norwich, UK
01/05 Honeyblood 01/05 Honeyblood J2, Cambridge Junction Cambridge UK Cambridge, UK
02/05 C Duncan 02/05 C Duncan Norwich Arts Centre Norwich UK Norwich, UK
02/05 Honeyblood 02/05 Honeyblood O2 Academy 2 Leicester Leicester UK Leicester, UK
03/05 C Duncan 03/05 C Duncan Rescue Rooms Nottingham UK Nottingham, UK
03/05 Honeyblood 03/05 Honeyblood The Crescent York UK York, UK
04/05 C Duncan 04/05 C Duncan Unknown venue Leeds UK Leeds, UK
04/05 Honeyblood 04/05 Honeyblood The Georgian Theatre Middlesbrough UK Middlesbrough, UK
05/05 Honeyblood 05/05 Honeyblood Unknown venue Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
07/05 C Duncan 07/05 C Duncan The Bullingdon (The Bully) Oxford UK Oxford, UK
07/05 Honeyblood 07/05 Honeyblood Newhampton Arts Centre Wolverhampton UK Wolverhampton, UK
08/05 C Duncan 08/05 C Duncan Scala London UK London, UK
08/05 Honeyblood 08/05 Honeyblood The Horn St. Albans UK St. Albans, UK
09/05 Honeyblood 09/05 Honeyblood The Forum Brighton UK Brighton, UK
10/05 C Duncan 10/05 C Duncan Summerhall Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
10/05 Honeyblood 10/05 Honeyblood Ramsgate Music Hall Broadstairs UK Broadstairs, UK
10/05 PAWS 10/05 PAWS Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
10/05 The Twilight Sad 10/05 The Twilight Sad The Foundry Philadelphia Philadelphia US Philadelphia, US
11/05 C Duncan 11/05 C Duncan Maryhill Community Hall Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
11/05 Honeyblood 11/05 Honeyblood The Joiners Southampton UK Southampton, UK
11/05 PAWS 11/05 PAWS Summerhall Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
11/05 The Twilight Sad 11/05 The Twilight Sad Elsewhere New York US New York, US
12/05 The Twilight Sad 12/05 The Twilight Sad U Street Music Hall Washington US Washington, US
13/05 Honeyblood 13/05 Honeyblood Sub89 Reading UK Reading, UK
14/05 The Twilight Sad 14/05 The Twilight Sad Sonia Boston / Cambridge US Boston / Cambridge, US
15/05 Honeyblood 15/05 Honeyblood Cavern Club Exeter UK Exeter, UK
16/05 MNNQNS 16/05 MNNQNS Unknown venue Liverpool UK Liverpool, UK
16/05 The Twilight Sad 16/05 The Twilight Sad Velvet Underground Toronto Canada Toronto, Canada
17/05 The Twilight Sad 17/05 The Twilight Sad El Club Detroit US Detroit, US
18/05 The Twilight Sad 18/05 The Twilight Sad Sleeping Village Chicago US Chicago, US
21/05 The Twilight Sad 21/05 The Twilight Sad Larimer Lounge Denver US Denver, US
22/05 The Twilight Sad 22/05 The Twilight Sad Urban Lounge Salt Lake City US Salt Lake City, US
24/05 The Twilight Sad 24/05 The Twilight Sad WISE Hall Vancouver Canada Vancouver, Canada
25/05 Honeyblood 25/05 Honeyblood Rough Trade East London UK London, UK
25/05 The Twilight Sad 25/05 The Twilight Sad Fawcett Hall at Alma Mater Tacoma US Tacoma, US
26/05 The Twilight Sad 26/05 The Twilight Sad The Crocodile Seattle US Seattle, US
27/05 The Twilight Sad 27/05 The Twilight Sad Doug Fir Lounge Portland US Portland, US
29/05 The Twilight Sad 29/05 The Twilight Sad The Independent SF Bay Area US SF Bay Area, US
30/05 The Twilight Sad 30/05 The Twilight Sad Teragram Ballroom Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
31/05 Honeyblood 31/05 Honeyblood The Lemon Tree Aberdeen UK Aberdeen, UK
01/06 Steve Bicknell 01/06 Steve Bicknell Tresor Berlin Germany Berlin, Germany
03/06 Honeyblood 03/06 Honeyblood Summerhall Edinburgh UK Edinburgh, UK
04/06 Honeyblood 04/06 Honeyblood The Cluny Newcastle Upon Tyne UK Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
05/06 Honeyblood 05/06 Honeyblood Plug Sheffield UK Sheffield, UK
06/06 Honeyblood 06/06 Honeyblood Boileroom London UK London, UK
07/06 Honeyblood 07/06 Honeyblood Esquires Bedford Milton Keynes UK Milton Keynes, UK
07/06 The Twilight Sad 07/06 The Twilight Sad Empire Music Hall Belfast UK Belfast, UK
08/06 Honeyblood 08/06 Honeyblood O2 Academy 2 Oxford Oxford UK Oxford, UK
08/06 The Twilight Sad 08/06 The Twilight Sad Malahide Castle Dublin Ireland Dublin, Ireland
10/06 Honeyblood 10/06 Honeyblood Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff UK Cardiff, UK
11/06 Honeyblood 11/06 Honeyblood Arts Club - Main Room Liverpool UK Liverpool, UK
12/06 Honeyblood 12/06 Honeyblood LiVe Preston UK Preston, UK
13/06 Honeyblood 13/06 Honeyblood The Polar Bear Hull UK Hull, UK
14/06 Honeyblood 14/06 Honeyblood The Sugarmill Stoke On Trent UK Stoke On Trent, UK
14/06 The Twilight Sad 14/06 The Twilight Sad Maimarkt-Gelände Mannheim Germany Mannheim, Germany
14/06 The Twilight Sad 14/06 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Duisburg Germany Duisburg, Germany
28/06 The Twilight Sad 28/06 The Twilight Sad Festivalpark Werchter Werchter Belgium Werchter, Belgium
05/07 Steve Bicknell 05/07 Steve Bicknell Razzmatazz Barcelona Spain Barcelona, Spain
11/07 The Twilight Sad 11/07 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Madrid Spain Madrid, Spain
11/07 The Twilight Sad 11/07 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Lleida Spain Lleida, Spain
14/07 Honeyblood 14/07 Honeyblood Gunnersbury Park London UK London, UK
17/07 The Growlers 17/07 The Growlers The Van Buren Phoenix US Phoenix, US
18/07 Honeyblood 18/07 Honeyblood Unknown venue Suffolk UK Suffolk, UK
18/07 The Growlers 18/07 The Growlers Ogden Amphitheater Salt Lake City US Salt Lake City, US
18/07 The Twilight Sad 18/07 The Twilight Sad Unknown venue Suffolk UK Suffolk, UK
19/07 PAWS 19/07 PAWS Cardross Estate Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
19/07 The Growlers 19/07 The Growlers Ogden Theatre Denver US Denver, US
20/07 The Growlers 20/07 The Growlers Ogden Theatre Denver US Denver, US
21/07 The Growlers 21/07 The Growlers CrossroadsKC Kansas City US Kansas City, US
23/07 The Growlers 23/07 The Growlers Agora Theatre & Ballroom Cleveland US Cleveland, US
24/07 The Growlers 24/07 The Growlers Club Xl Baltimore US Baltimore, US
25/07 The Growlers 25/07 The Growlers Asbury Hall Buffalo US Buffalo, US
26/07 The Growlers 26/07 The Growlers Danforth Music Hall Toronto Canada Toronto, Canada
27/07 The Growlers 27/07 The Growlers Rialto Theatre Montreal Canada Montreal, Canada
28/07 The Growlers 28/07 The Growlers Skyloft Springfield US Springfield, US
31/07 The Growlers 31/07 The Growlers The Stone Pony New York US New York, US
01/08 The Growlers 01/08 The Growlers Elevation 27 Norfolk US Norfolk, US
02/08 The Growlers 02/08 The Growlers Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte US Charlotte, US
03/08 Tal National 03/08 Tal National Cafe Nine Bridgeport US Bridgeport, US
03/08 The Growlers 03/08 The Growlers Variety Playhouse Atlanta US Atlanta, US
04/08 The Growlers 04/08 The Growlers Music Farm Columbia US Columbia, US
07/08 The Growlers 07/08 The Growlers Varsity Theatre Baton Rouge US Baton Rouge, US
08/08 The Growlers 08/08 The Growlers White Oak Music Hall Houston US Houston, US
09/08 The Growlers 09/08 The Growlers Paper Tiger San Antonio US San Antonio, US
10/08 The Growlers 10/08 The Growlers Granada Theater Dallas - Fort Worth US Dallas - Fort Worth, US
15/08 The Growlers 15/08 The Growlers Unknown venue Brecon Beacons UK Brecon Beacons, UK
16/08 The Twilight Sad 16/08 The Twilight Sad Bellahouston Park Glasgow UK Glasgow, UK
31/10 Honeyblood 31/10 Honeyblood Electric Brixton London UK London, UK
31/10 The Growlers 31/10 The Growlers Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
01/11 The Growlers 01/11 The Growlers Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles US Los Angeles, US
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