Focus: Loose Fit - Richard's 4 vintage Australian post-punk bangers

Loose Fit's bassist Richard is giving us the goods - here’s his list of 5 vintage Australian post-punk bangers.

1. Laughing Clowns - Holy Joe
The still amazing first statement from Ed Kuepper’s post-Saints band - wild sax work from Bob Farrell esp in the outro

2. Pel Mel - Head Above Water
Very 1981 clip from this Sydney-via-Newcastle group, track really hits that “arty but you can dance to it” sweet spot

3. Essendon Airport - What I Like About Disco (live)
Cool weirdo funk from experimental band that evolved into (also cool) synth-pop band I’m Talking

4. Tactics - Second Language
Great document of this classic band from Canberra, from their superb first album ‘My Houdini’ - still occasionally active, still got it

5. Voigt/465 - Imprint
Excellent track from one of the weirder bands of this era - semi-official video contains an iconic photo of band’s gig on a construction site at Sydney’s Darling Harbour

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