Listen: Resina mixtape for Electronic Explorations

Warsaw-based cellist Resina has made an hour-long mixtape for Rob Booth's Electronic Explorations site.
Resina's mix features Krzysztof Penderecki, Akira Rabelais, Alva Noto, Abul Mogard, Amnesia Scanner, Lotic, Meredith Monk, Raime, Ben Frost, Ian William Craig + more, with Karolina saying that "this might be the biggest mish-mash of genres in one podcast I’ve ever done - but that’s truly how I listen to the music. It contains some vocal and ritual stuff mixed with some of my favourite contemporary artists and composers, with no stick to any particular type."
Listen to Resina's mixtape here.
Listen, read about and purchase her recent album 'Traces' here.

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