Centres Litho Print

by Ian William Craig on FatCat Records

Released 21/07/2016

In conjunction with his brilliant 'Centres' album, Ian William Craig has printed up a very limited edition of lithograph prints of his album artwork to sell. The prints are just short of A1 size (20.5" x 29.5"), and have been printed in a single small edition of just 25 copies. they are signed and numbered by the artist. Ian explains that:

"The image is a plate made from the original drawing on Mylar that's on the cover of the album. I made a photo transfer of it onto a litho plate and printed it by hand onto premium Arches 88 paper.

As far as the original drawing goes, it was out of a series I did on trying to capture forms of becoming. I was really into string theory at the time and so started to draw things called Calabi-Yau manifolds, which are like 3D descriptions of how 12D space could potentially fold itself into perceptible reality. The drawings were erased and worked and erased and worked over and over again to the point where the notion of them ever being finished was moot. These two things, an impossible hidden space as a subject and a never-ending process, helped me explore becoming as a core tenet of our reality. Made sense at the time. It at least sounded convoluted enough to get me a degree!"

We have been given just 15 copies of these prints to sell on our webstore. The prints will cost £25 each, with the following postage & packing on top:

UK - 1st is £7.90 (Can do multiples of poster at the same price)
EU - £12.40 (Can do multiples of poster at the same price)
ROW - £16.40 (Can do multiples of poster at the same price)

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