A Thousand Heys

$ 17.00

01. Go Betweens
02. Surf & Turf/Maths Tag
03. Most Days
04. Bowie Knives
05. Summer Hits or J+J Don’t Like
06. Wait Anyway
07. Cenetaph
08. Boxing Clever
09. Vampire Jive
10. Eva
11. No Way
12. Death House
13. ’Til I’m Dead



The result of sessions that took place on an old lightship moored on the Thames, April the 11th sees the release of Mazesí debut album; 'A Thousand Heys'. In under two minutes the band encapsulate their sound with a driving pop song full of hooks and sugared melody that makes way for a frenzied ending of flailing guitars and crashing drums, the lyrics somehow simultaneously capturing both the recklessness of youth and the terror of mortality in about three lines.

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