Danse Manatee

$ 9.00

01. A Manatee Dance
02. Penguin Penguin
03. Another White Singer (Little White Glove)
04. Essplode
05. Meet The Light Child
06. Runnin' The Round Ball
07. Bad Crumbs
08. The Living Toys
09. Throwing' The Round Ball
10. Ahhh Good Country
11. Lablakely Dress
12. In The Singing Box 


First-ever widely available pressing of Animal Collective's 2001 album Danse Manatee, presented here with the original artwork. Animal Collective's second full length, Danse Manatee - originally released in extremely limited handmade CD and LP editions, and later reissued by FatCat on CD only – followed quickly on the heels of their ecstatically buzzed-about debut, Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished.  

The first Animal Collective album to feature Geologist alongside Avey Tare and Panda Bear, Danse Manatee finds the band experimenting with a looser, more live, organic sound, adding Geologist's improvised electronics and backing vocals to the playful, otherwordly melodicism characterizing their debut. Essential for any Animal Collective fan, Danse Manatee showcases a crucial growth point along the way for this irrepressibly creative, innovative ensemble.

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