$ 12.00

01. Such Fun
02. Can’t You See
03. Oh!
04. Dead Wrong
05. Girl
06. Not Me
07. Kill Me Again
08. Same As What
09. Back Of Your Knees
10. Sad Song
11. Someone You Thought 
You’d Forgot




The long-awaited follow-up to his 2005 self-titled effort, Excerpts – the latest from Montreal-based Olivier Alary’s Ensemble - gorgeously occupies the middle ground between lush orchestration, absorbing pop, guitar-indie, experimental sonics and beyond. Though Excerpts offers no obvious or straightforward reference points, it is an album full of maturity, sophistication and romance, intricately and timelessly constructed.

Matthew Herbert’s eccentricity, Yann gentle nods to francaise, or even the finale of “A Day In The Life” from Sgt. Pepper in its dense, unconventional take on pop music – but behind Alary’s musical charms is an overarching, unique personality that interweaves wide-ranging musical cultures and influences.

Alary has collaborated with Lou Barlow and Cat Power on previous Ensemble releases, has co-written songs with and done remixes for Bjork, and composed award-winning music for multiple feature films, documentaries, art installations and exhibitions.


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