Foreign Landscapes

$ 12.00

01. Alexanderplatz
02. Iron Shoes
03. Mount Hood
04. Madeira
05. Union Square
06. Snow
07. Early In The Park
08. Kamogawa
09. Children
10. Sunny Mission
11. Kouseiji
12. Trost




The follow-up to 2008’s breakthrough Ferndorf, Hauschka’s Foreign Landscapes represents another tremendous shift for FatCat’s engaging composer/pianist: nine of its twelve tracks feature a 12-piece string and wind ensemble from San Francisco’s Magik*Magik Orchestra alongside Volker Bertelmann’s own prepared piano.

While Ferndorf explored the composer’s relationship with his pastoral hometown, Foreign Landscapes is an album of travel, locational snapshots, and shift; always evocative, Hauschka’s compositions here sing with the urgency and movement of exploration, the rushing exhilaration of new cities, new environments.

Now dark and intimate, now playful, now driving - the ensemble’s fleshed-out instrumentation enables Hauschka to bring his exuberant versatility to a new and vital level. With Foreign Landscapes, Hauschka stretches for - and reaches - stunning new realms.Hauschka will be touring extensively in support of Foreign Landscapes.


"Satie feather-drops, gorgeous string plucks, transfixing rattles. Stillness is the move." - Chris Weingarten, Rolling Stone

“Ingenious and exquisite.” - Jon Pareles, NY Times

Honorable Mention, best albums of 2008, Ferndorf:
"Eloquently navigating the elliptical space between joy and sorrow, Ferndorf is a deeply accomplished album that weaves the listener into its hopeful, vivid landscape with elegant ease." -

“Hauschka [has] a remarkable talent for honing in on the sweet spot where classical, avant-garde, electronic and pop music meet.” - All Music Guide