Growing Green

$ 12.00

01. Some Cursing
02. Harmless
03. Yellow Leaves & White Trees
04. Careless Me
05. Bright Dawn
06. I Watch the Sky
07. Growin Green
08. Cryosleep
09. No Footprints to Trail
10. I Died of Death
11. Great Scintillates
12. Plim Plom Autumn Song
13. Reclining the Minds Slowly Sway
14. Home Hits



Drowsy is entirely the work of Mauri Heikkinen, a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Joutseno, Finland. This, his debut, compiles 14 tracks recorded at home over the last three years. The songs are earnest, clumsy, and beautiful despite the room tone distortions and musical rough edges. For fans of Devendra Banhardt, Syd Barrett, and Smog.

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