Gyllyng Street

$ 12.00

01. Boats
02. King Friday
03. The Ballad of Century Paul
04. West Coast Profiling
05. Alex Drifting Alone
06. Fires PGR
07. A Sketch for Maenporth



Coming exactly two years after the release of an eponymous debut album, the gorgeous ‘Gyllyng Street’ is the third release by Songs Of Green Pheasant. Marking a departure from the beautiful 4-track folk-haze of the debut album, ‘Gyllyng Street’ is Songs Of Green Pheasant’s most adventurous and accomplished work to date, and sees the artist take a big step forwards whilst retaining the isolated individuality that marks them out as a truly unique voice in the contemporary out-folk / post-rock / etc. milieu.

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