How Long Are You Staying

$ 12.00

01. Nine Trails
02. A > B
03. Again
04. Clipper
05. How Long
06. The Eleventh Day
07. Paper Dart
08. Weevils



If Charlottefield are informed by hardcore punk and post-punk experimentalism, these are still nevertheless more parallels than influences worn on sleeves. Charlottefield's music is predominantly realized as a group entity, and this collective live dynamic fires the music and shapes the narrative. Heavily syncopated and deftly arranged, 'How Long Are You Staying' still manages to sound unapologetically English, recalling the likes of The Fall, Life Without Buildings et al, and a host of UK guitar bands - sharp, repetitive and immediate, yet guided by melody. Somewhere out of tension comes something life affirming.

Effectively a snapshot of the previous 12 months writing and performing, 'How Long Are You Staying' is the first full document of a now stabilized line-up. Eclectic, continually evolving and as likely to draw inspiration from Erik Satie as they are Harry Pussy, lifestyle nevertheless plays as big a part as any musical reference points - namely an honest, emotionally charged response to simple, everyday concerns - financial instability, saying yes to most gigs, crap job / no job, "education", short tempered public servants, small town conservatism vs. big town pretension, encountering random lost, unstable people, the inconvenience of living all over the place and having to rely on public transport all the time.

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