$ 17.00

01. For The Best
02. Landscapes
03. Over And Over
04. Soulgazing
5. Geysir Nationale
06. Frebeight
07. Olly Olly Oxen Free
08. A Century Is All We Need
09. Leaves
10. Puller Return
11. Hard To Define
12. Dream Machine



The last time Meredith Godreau recorded and produced songs in her bedroom, it was 2006, it was pop music, and Gregory & The Hawk became an internet sensation, selling tens of thousands of digital copies of her single virtually overnight. For follow-up Moenie And Kitchi, Godreau entered a proper studio with a host of collaborators; supporting the record, she toured the US supporting Múm, Frightened Rabbit, Mice Parade, and Album Leaf, among others.

In 2010, Gregory & The Hawk returned to the bedroom. Her third full-length, Leche, finds her peeling back layers of production, of emotion, of space between herself and the world, to find a raw honesty. This more stripped-back approach allows the stunning voice of a clearly gifted singer to shine through, unabated; complemented rather than obstructed by the harps, guitars and creepy sonic knick-knacks that have found their way in.

This is not pop music. Leche demonstrates the distance Godreau has travelled from the gentle, hook-centric simplicity of her earlier material, but her peerless grasp of head-bobbing rhthyms, ear-piquing hooks, and otherworldly, punctuating noise snippets clearly remains – keeping the listener humming along through even the darker bits of her latest effort.