Live: England vs. France

$ 9.00

01. Tales of Las Negras 
02. Sneaky Red
03. Couches & Carpets
04. Double Dolphins on the Nickel
05. Recover
06. The Last Ten Homes
07. Passing & Galloping
08. Ground As Cold As Common
09. In Between Times
10. The Days Before Fiction


On record Mice Parade is a blend of songwriter Adam Pierce’s fierce percussion, warm, resonant vocals and myriad guest appearances from a lengthy cast of brilliant collaborators. Most Mice Parade fans know the process: Adam records in his home studio in upstate NY, sometimes getting additional parts sent in from band members spread across the globe, other times finishing songs on his own. The songs are almost always mixed and put on an album before the touring group ever gets a chance to play them. Then all hell breaks loose.

In the live setting Mice Parade is an impressive, chameleonic affair. No two shows are alike, and the sound differs drastically from the studio recordings. "The songs we take on in the live band become so much better it's ridiculous," says Pierce, "with everyone adding their own personalities to the music, the energy level skyrockets. It's night and day.” People change parts and structures, add new instruments and effects, take solos... a massive element of improv is injected into the set. But rarely is that sense of improv and experimentation properly captured for all but the lucky attendees of live shows to hear. That is until now.

Live: England vs. France was recorded on the group's 2010 Europe tour, mostly at shows in London and Tourcoing, with one song taken from Vendome. This limited edition release, which features songs ranging from 2005's Bem-Vinda Vontade album through to the present era, is being issued as a one-time pressing in conjunction with a short U.S. East Coast tour this spring.

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