$ 12.00

01. Such Fun
02. Can’t You See
03. Oh!
04. Dead Wrong
05. Girl
06. Not Me
07. Kill Me Again
08. Same As What
09. Back Of Your Knees
10. Sad Song
11. Someone You Thought 
You’d Forgot




Hailing from the same Manchester DIY scene that birthed labelmates Mazes, Milk Maid’s debut album finds songwriter Martin Cohen (of Nine Black Alps) drawing from a host of influences: deconstructed ‘60s girl group melodies, Ramones swagger, Kurt Cobain-styled fatalism, Bob Pollard’s seemingly endless supply of pop hooks.

Like indie-pop stalwarts Comet Gain or the Vaselines, Milk Maid pitches their sweet, sun-drenched pop hooks against viscerally dark and sinister lyrics; exploring mortality, disintegrating relationships, and other human darknesses against the gray backdrop of Cohen’s Manchester upbringing.

Yucca pushes the boundaries of the three-minute home-recorded pop song, bringing in lyrical impressionism and guitar fireworks where least expected. The resulting collection is tense, densely textured and eclec- tic, but eminently listenable - an exciting debut from a band with song- writing chops and sonic deftness to spare.