Mice Parade

$ 12.00

01. Sneaky Red
02. Tales Of Las Negras 
03. The Last Ten Homes 
04. Snow 
05. Double Dolphins On The Nickel
06. Satchelaise
07. Swing 
08. Circle None 
09. The Nights After Fiction 


Mice Parade’s seventh full-length (and first self-titled album) is his most fully-realized effort yet, complementing the traditional-leaning songform of his recent work with expansive instrumentation and brilliant rhythmic experiments. The new album finds Adam Pierce continuing his trend of stellar collaborators. Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) chimes in beautifully on “Tales of Las Negras,” Kristin Anna Valtysdottir (múm) lends her incredible grace to “Double Dolphins on the Nickel”; other contributors include Mice Parade touring members Doug Scharin (Rex, June of 44) , Dylan Cristy (The Dylan Group) and Jay Israelson (Lansing-Dreiden) .