Posthumous Success

$ 12.00

01. My Favorite Color Blue
02. Been True
03. Big Time
04. Boothill
05. You Don't Know My Friends
06. Love To New Heights
07. Youth Decay
08. Give Me A Drumroll
09. Miss Lucy
10. Axe & Stump
11. Chandler, AZ
12. Wishbone Medallion
13. My Favorite Color Blue



Tom Brosseau’s third full-length for FatCat marks a huge stylistic shift away from the spare, acoustic arrangements of his previous releases. Two producers, Adam Pierce (Mice Parade) and Ethan Rose (Small Sails), helming alternate tracks - along with a small army of guest musicians - help Brosseau flesh and clothe his songs’ sturdy skeletons, lending them breath, presence, and limb-stretching immediacy.

Unchanged, however, are Brosseau’s earnest wit, near-unearthly emotional grasp, and captivating, vibrato-soaked voice. With Posthumous Success (named after a chapter from a biography of Albert Camus), Brosseau brings his best group of songs into a sonically rich environment, and the result is buoyant, well-crafted, and sprawlingly lovely - his most accomplished and inviting effort to date.