Resina - Resina

$ 18.00

01. Tatry I
02. Flock
03. Tatry II
04. Nightjar
05. Dark Sky White Water
06. Afterimage
07. Not Here

Resina is the alias of Karolina Rec, a cellist/ composer based in Warsaw, who signed to 130701 having sent in this album as a hugely impressive demo late last year. A very accomplished performer with a background in Polish underground music, this eponymous album is her solo debut and sees a rich, atmospheric re-imagining of Polish music rooted in a feeling for indigenous nature / landscape and realized via an intuitive, experimental approach to playing.

The album was produced by Maciej Cieslak; a legendary, uncompromising Polish musician and producer. Rec cooperated on numerous projects with Cieslak, who composed the music on the Oscar-nominated Polish documentary ”Rabbit a la Berlin”, on which she played. Recorded in the last week of October 2014 at Cieslak’s Warsaw studio, the album was recorded almost entirely live, with only very minimal post-production (tape delay, reverb plate). Karolina had been working on the album irregularly for a couple of years, with no strong motivation and with many long breaks, until an accident helped force the issue. “I had been writing and playing live music for a theatre performance in Warsaw. During the premiere one of the actors who was carrying my cello onstage fell, breaking its bridge. It was Saturday night; so no luthier was available and next morning we were due to play another performance. Everyone tried to help me find a cello to borrow. We almost gave up, when somehow we found a woman who wanted to sell her instrument and let me borrow it. Eventually finding the money to buy this higher quality cello, it became a huge inspiration to finish the record. “Some things that I couldn't find playing my previous cello came very intuitively with this new one. The difference in the sound and possibilities was the biggest inspiration. Three months later the album was finished and recorded.” 

Like Ian William Craig’s recent offering on 130701, Resina expands the scope of the label to spaces beyond the congested post-classical sweet spot. A fantastic debut release, ‘Resina’ is an immersive and deeply enchanting album, which unveils a unique and striking new talent.