$ 17.00

01. Waiting in the Night
02. Yellow Roses
03. Passengers
04. Monorail
05. Cold Kind
06. Fixation
07. Annie
08. The Great Wall
09. Alone With the Wires
10. Never Far



New York City’s Forest Fire, led by vocalist/songwriter Mark Thresher, return this fall with Screens. With their third full-length, Forest Fire - now the quartet of Thresher, Natalie Stormann, Galen Bremer, and Robert Pounding - have found it. “It” has been hinted at in previous releases - e.g. the howling languor of “Slow Motion”, from the band’s debut Survival (named Rough Trade Shops’ top album of the year for 2010), or vitreous midtempo dejection ballad “The News” from 2011’s FatCat-issued Staring at the X (“You won’t get far,” Thresher sang, “with that look in your eyes”) - but Screens is pure lightning.

From its darker, sparser, sonic landscapes, obsession with analog instrumentation, and movement-focused, heavily metaphorical lyrics, Screens finds Forest Fire hewing to this mood. But for all the record’s gratitude to the past, its aesthetic is just as much forward looking, able to embrace the sunrise hooks of anthemic album opener “Waiting in the Night” and the Suicide-spooky synth-drone of “Cold Kind” as easily as “Alone with the Wires”’s jangly stride and Leonard Cohen-frosted vocal delivery.