Split Series #23

$ 17.00

01. Katie Gately – Pivot
02. Tlaotlon – MYRIADE
03. Tlaotlon – ASCENSIS
04. Tlaotlon – ODYS
05. Tlaotlon – SIADE



A hugely exciting new talent, Katie Gately is a Brooklyn-born, LA-based artist with an academic background in film sound production and editing. Having only recently stepped out from her regular job as a sound designer in the film industry, Katie has crafted a set of brilliantly intricate and ambitious sound pieces that exist in a borderzone between electroacoustic composition, field recording and deconstructed pop bringing to mind the widescreen scope of Scott Walker or Julia Holter and the precise playful abstraction of Matmos and Holly Herndon.

Tlaotlon is the solo alias of Melbourne-based New Zealander Jeremy Coughbrough, who has released a clutch of records in the past few years on labels like Dungeon Taxis, Epic Sweep, Trensmat and 1080p. Messy, maximalist and psychedelic, Tlaotlon proffers a kind of squelchy, hyper-colourful, dislocated modern electronica that might find roots in older models like Phthalocyanine or Autechre but sharing commonalities with current producers like Patten, Sculpture, Dalglish, Astral Social Club and others.

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