The Midnight Organ Fight

$ 12.00


01. The Modern Leper
02. I Feel Better
03. Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms
04. Fast Blood
05. Old Old Fashioned
06. The Twist
07. Bright Pink Bookmark
08. Head Rolls Off
09. My Backwards Walk
10. Keep Yourself Warm
11. Extrasupervery
12. Poke
13. Floating In The Forth
14. Who'd You Kill Now?



Early in their career Frightened Rabbit tuned into their now familiar penchant for being able to nail a near perfect pop song. They proved it with their loose, charming debut, Sing The Greys, but as many fans would attest, they cemented their status with The Midnight Organ Fight.

The band’s sophomore album still holds a dear place in many hearts and its raw honesty is apparent in every note and every breath on Midnight Organ Fight. Recorded by Peter Katis (The Walkmen, Interpol) over the space of two weeks, and mixed over the ensuing fortnight, Midnight Organ Fight was written with the intention of creating a more "pop" sounding album. Yet, although musically more immediate, vitally, the band have not forsaken the personality or passion of any of their earlier recordings. The album is a true masterpiece, a modern classic and utterly essential to any record collection.