These Four Walls

$ 9.00

01 It's Thunder And It's Lightning
02 Ships With Holes Will Sink
03 Roll Up Your Sleeves
04 Conductor
05 A Half Built House
06 This Is My House, This Is My Home
07 Quiet Little Voices
08 Moving Clocks Run Slow
09 Short Bursts
10 Keeping Warm
11 An Almighty Thud

Opening with a lone guitar line that itself has all the momentum of entire genres crammed into a single set of chords, We Were Promised Jetpacks’ ‘These Four Walls’ signifies a debut album that has the sort of peerlessness and potential to stand as a mainstay and luminary of indie music in the 21st century.

We Were Promised Jetpacks are their own band, by anyone’s reckoning, but are noticeably informed and inspired by the sorts of musical movements that one moves to and is moved by in equal measure. As vocalist Adam Thompson’s soon-to-be-classic Scottish lilt appears over the huge, full band instrumentation, the last four decades’ worth of underground musical innovation are all thrown into the sonic space with a flawless assimilation: the jolting, carefree vigour and the backing chorus vocals of 70’s post-punk (e.g. Gang of Four); the intricate and eloquent songcrafting and musicianship of 80’s UK pop (of Kate Bush, Talk Talk etc.); the skewed jarr and inimitable coolness of 90’s Western Pacific indie (of Steven Malkmus, The Shins etc.); the modernist, electrifying thrill of the last ten years of British indie. There is even the guitar-driven gravity and concurrently melodious and powerful impact of Explosions In The Sky or Mogwai and a Johnny Marr-esque sparkle to the lead guitar lines