$ 12.00

01. Two Shocks
02. Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)
03. Red Rag
04. Worry About It Later
05. Crush On You
06. Eternal Return
07. Do You Feel The Same?
08. Ancient Mysteries
09. Oh! Forever
10. Hey Hey
11. Why Tell The Truth (When It’s Easier To Lie)?
12 . Leaving England
(Hidden Track) First Dance



Rough Trade Records had released Brakes' first two albums, but was unsure whether it could afford to release Brakes' third in the credit crunch. Brakes went on the lookout for a new home, and, like a dream come true, found one in their hometown, with the highly esteemed Brighton-based label Fat Cat. Almost instantly, Fat Cat booked them into the Glasgow super studio 'Chem 19, with The Delgados' Paul Savage at the helm. They recorded and mixed the album in a month, then flew to upstate New York to master it with the legend Alan Douches.

'It's our best yet,' say Brakes, 'we're really happy with the way it came together and the sounds that were caught in Chem 19,' say Brakes, before quickly adding: 'Touchdown is the fucking zenith of civilization, it will make your jaw drop further than the Dow Jones in 2008, this album fucking shreds like an Enron paper shredder, it is A-fucking-stounding, yeah.'