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01 Safety in Numbers
02 Peaks and Troughs
03 I Keep It Composed
04 Peace Sign
05 Night Terror
06 Disconnecting
07 Bright Minds
08 A Part Of It
09 Moral Compass
10 Peace Of Mind
11 Ricochet


The last WWPJ tour, earlier this year, was the band's best- and fastest- selling tour to date. Almost every major market sold out on both coasts in advance. Now the band present us with Unravelling, easily their most accomplished album, and a new direction in songwriting for the band. Recorded in Glasgow at the infamous Chem19 Studios with Paul Savage (The Twilight Sad, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai), the album focuses all the power and fury of the Jetpacks to a finely controlled point. These songs focus the power that's always been present in Jetpacks' records to a fine point, crafting from both youthful catharsis and skillful maturity.

The band’s spring US tour proved that as much as fans love the chest rattling crescendos of their catalog, they’re equally ready for the bit of sheen that’s found its way to the forefront of the new songs. Particularly instrumental to the widening sound is the addition of new member and longtime friend Stuart McGachan, a multi-instrumentalist described by the band’s Adam Thompson as “an accomplished keys, piano and guitar player as well as having a lovely little singing voice,” all of which added greatly to the development of the band’s new direction. Live, the five-piece setup only adds to the power and bombast that echoes from the stage, but in the through studio the new flexibility has lead to an album with widescreen vision, supple date. emotional shading and particularly catchy hooks laced throughout.

WWPJ will embark on a national tour in October, with their fellow countrymen (and FatCat labelmates) The Twilight Sad supporting. If you haven't seen them yet, we promise they'll blow you away.

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