Weirdo Rippers

$ 17.00

01.Every Artist Needs A Tragedy
02. Boy Void
03. I Wanna Sleep
04. My LIfe’s Alright Without You
05. Everybody’s Down
06. Sun Spots
07. Loosen This Job
08. Neck Escaper
09. Dead Plane
10. Semi-Sorted
11. Escarpment




By now the two young heavyweights from the LA Skate / Art / Punk underworld, No Age, are a well-known and established part of the indie pantheon. But back in 2007 Dean Spunt and Randy Randall were just building quite a bit of noise in the wake of the demise of their previous band Wives.

After working out their sound inthe LA scene revolving aroundthe now fabled venue The Smell(pictured on the cover of WeirdoRippers) they decided to releasefive ltd. vinyl only releases on avariety of DIY indie labels acrossthe globe on the same day (namelyUTR, Deleted Art, Teardrops, Youth Attack, and Dean’s own PPM label). Designed byBrian Roettinger, Randall and Spunt, the back of each record's sleeve was a differentcolor, and had one of the letters that, when you collected all of them, would join to spell"No Age." Their debut LP release for FatCat, ‘Weirdo Rippers’, was a collection ofrecorded highlights taken from the aforementioned releases. At the time it was readilyavailable on CD and has since found a home digitally but it’s not found its way back to thevinyl format that first gave many of these tracks life. Now we’re presenting the firstdomestically available version of ‘Weirdo Rippers’ pressed to vinyl; an utterly essentialpiece of No Age’s past.