What It Means To Be Left-Handed

$ 17.00

01. Kupanda
02. In Between Times
03. Do Your Eyes See Sparks 
04. Couches & Carpets
05. Pond
06. Recover
07. Old Hat
08. Mallo Cup
09. Remember The Magic Carpet
10. Even
11. Tokyo Late Night
12. Fortune Of Folly
13. Mary Anne





Part children's cartoon, part career retrospective, What It Means To Be Left-Handed is the first Mice Parade album to be released in the band's second decade of existence. Diverging from the pop sensibilities of Mice Parade's most recent successes - Bem-Vinda Vontade and Mice Parade - it is a fresh adventure, all over the map and awash in color; splashes of West-African Highlife mingle with Flamenco, Brazilian Jazz, and the late ‘80s indie rock that band founder Adam Pierce was stuck on in high school.

In typical Mice Parade fashion, What It Means To Be Left-Handed cuts a wide stylistic swath, but Pierce’s trademark stormy, intricate percussion, as well as melodic interweaving and warm, resonant vocal treatments carry throughout, stitching the pieces into a coherent whole.

While Pierce plays and sings the bulk of this latest effort, he summoned members globally-scattered touring outfit to bring their voices and instruments to the table: among the ranks are vocalist Caroline Lufkin (who also records for Temporary Residence Ltd. as a solo artist), classical guitarist Dan Lippel, and megadrummer Doug Scharin (HiM, Codeine, Rex, Enablers). In addition to his bandmates, Pierce allies himself here with a range of guest musicians: Swahili vocalist Somi (album opener “Kupanda”), Meredith Godreau of FatCat’s Gregory & The Hawk (“Do Your Eyes See Sparks”), and members of the Japanese band Clammbon (“Tokyo Late Night”).

From the first, What It Means To Be Left-Handed showcases the intricate sonics, joyful audio experimentation, and expansive worldview that make Mice Parade one of the most compelling ensembles of our time. Mice Parade will be touring the US this fall.

“Mice Parade is an original, hovering over multiple traditions without disturbing any of them.” - Junkmedia

“Almost too consistently gorgeous” - Pitchfork

“Pierce sinks his heart into his music, and while that may not manifest in impassioned yelping or big rock riffs, the exquisiteness of his playing and songcraft make it apparent.” Tiny Mix Tapes