Split Series #15

by Fennesz / Main on Split Series

Released 19/08/2002

The fifteenth split 12" in the series thus far, Fennesz v Main presents two artists noted for their consistent high quality output and abilities to find genuine new potential for the guitar through the techniques of sampling and digital reconstruction.

Based in Vienna, Christian Fennesz has garnered a seriously strong reputation as one of the most innovative proponents of contemporary computer-based music.

Main has been a continually moving project ' exploring different tangents, never content to settle on any single, comfortable formula: from the repetitive drones and pulses of early Main to the spectral spaces of the 'Firmament' series to the dubby, CDR dj-ing of the Main Active Sound System.

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  1. Badminton Girl
  2. Eisrennen
  3. 47 Blues
  4. Rive Part I
  5. Rive Part II
  6. Rive Part III

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