Johari Window

by Heartless on 6dimensions

Released 05/12/2019

Heartless kept his productions closely guarded until unleashing them on Steve Bicknell’s 6dimensions. Honing his craft with the gradual building of his studio. Drawing on influences from the likes of Aphex Twin and Surgeon combined with the rise of modular equipment, Heartless was armed with a medium to express.

Following up on his two previous releases on 6dimensions ‘Impulse Model’ and ‘Internal Crosstalk’ Heartless now presents us with ‘Johari Window’, expanding on the past and presenting the future sound of Heartless, full of the expected and ofcourse the unexpected, hazy modular sequences, stretched, crushed and laid over
kick drums from beyond.

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  1. Unknown Self
  2. Four Rooms
  3. Blind Spot
  4. Hidden Image

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