Our Point of Departure

by Him on FatCat Records

Released 18/09/2000

'Our Point Of Departure' is the fourth full length album from HIM, release in the UK on October 16th 2000 through Fat Cat Records. The album incorporates elements of jazz improvisation, dub punctuation and electronic soundscapes, relying heavily on the synthesis of the collected influences of this diverse combination of people.

The original tracks for the session were initiated by Doug Scharin (June Of 44) on drums, percussion and electronics and Fred Erskine (June Of 44) on bass, trumpets, keyboards and guitar - fleshed out by Carlo Cennamo (The Boom) on tenor sax and keyboards, Jon Theodore (Royal Trux) on percussion and keyboards and Sean Meadows (June Of 44) on guitar.

'Our Point Of Departure' was recorded in 2000 at the National Recording in Washington D.C. and produced by Doug Scharin.

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