Marmalade Fires

by Múm on FatCat Records

Released 17/12/2007

Marmalade Fires is the 2nd single taken from their album 'Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy'.

Renowned for purveying an otherworldly, almost magical aura, múm manage to make experimental music that’s naturally, effortlessly imbued with a pop sensibility. Their sound is warm, gorgeously rich and melodic. Using an array of instruments (guitars, bass, drums, synths, laptops, cello, accordion, mutated brass, and musical saws to name a few) alongside crisply programmed electronic washes, beats and bleeps.

Based around the founding members, Gunnar and Örvar, the live band is now larger than ever. There are seven members of múm onstage, allowing them to effortlessly blend live instruments and programmed samples and beats.

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