The Pinch

by Stromba on FatCat Records

Released 16/08/1999

‘Stromba’ is the work of ‘D.C Recordings’ James Dyer and Tom Tyler (who also records for D.C.), and ‘The Pinch’ marks the pairs debut release.Recorded at various home locations, through a process of sampling and hard disc multi-tracking, with live instruments overdubbed, the e.p. features 5 tracks of hazy, downtempo / dark funk dynamics.

Including contributions from A.J. Maj (additional guitar on ‘Casino 66’) and James McKeckan (bass on ‘Pink Lettuce’) who are also recording for Fatcat as integral members of FONN, the e.p. is routed in a love of hip-hop, 70’s soundtracks, funk & jazz. Samples are sourced from such recordings, and reconstructed within a minimal framework of languid beats and rippling bass, to form a shifting series doped-out, interweaving atmospherics.

‘Rigor Mortis’ emerges as a more electronic based track with programmed beats and a bold use of samples. Cleaner sounding than Asphodel or Wordsound, darker and more downbeat than Depth Charge or French labels like Solid & Super-Discount, ‘The Pinch’ opens further fresh ground for Fatcat and marks another solid 12” release…

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