Seven Years of Letters

by The Twilight Sad on FatCat Records

Released 19/10/2009

The Twilight Sad released single ‘Seven Years Of Letters’ on 19th October 2009, following the release of their sophomore ‘Forget The Night Ahead’ album (5th October). Brimming with portent and pathos ‘Seven Years Of Letters’ registers at the more restrained end of The Twilight Sad’s seismic scale, guitarist Andy MacFarlane’s distinctive overdriven tremolo and James Graham’s bruising Caledonian burr framing the song’s heartfelt central lyric (‘we’re on a hiding to nowhere...’).

‘Forget The Night Ahead’ is a darker set possibly even than it’s hallowed predecessor ‘Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters’. “We have definitely moved on from ‘Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters’, musically and lyrically," says MacFarlane. “It is a step forward from the first record, the song writing and the sound of the band has moved on from that time, which is something we'll always try and do, we don't want to ever stand still and make records that sound like each other.”

Produced and mixed by ex-Delgados’ man Paul Savage and guitarist MacFarlane at the legendary Chem19 Studios in Glasgow, the new record is no less tumultuous than ‘Fourteen Autumns...’ the cacophony broadening to accommodate the bands most melodic and yet also most thrillingly discordant moments yet, the influence of artists like early 80’s Cure, Neu, Wire or Shellac as evident as longer-standing comparisons to MBV or Joy Division. The album also features the talents of ex-Aerogramme member, Martin Doherty, who also contributes guitar and keys to the live line-up, and My Latest Novel’s Laura McFarlane who plays violin on ‘The Room’ and ‘That Birthday Present’.

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