by Web on FatCat Records

Released 01/11/1996

Released in '96 before the shop's forced closure, Web's EP marks the first release for the FatCat label. The work of Japanese artist Takuya Sugimoto, 'EVA' serves up four unique and (literally) staggering tracks of fierce, fluxed-up techno. Layered together chaotically, tracks refuse to stay static, instead wriggling and writhing around in a frenzy of fluid, hyper-mutating motion. Beats collide, sequences and sheets of molton sound slip and slide across one another, creating a simultaneous sensation of hypnosis and hyperactivity.

The riotous title track is all high frequency squeals weaving around, scuttling percussion and luscious sound-loops; 'Gnomon' forms a similary bubbling, restless lava-space, before dissolving into stabs of high-frequency madness. The stirring 'Space Beyond' starts out as a calmer, less agitated atmosphere, before some jerky, scrunched-up percussion, and slowly accumulating washes and sequnces of sound push it towards a dense, multi-layered bliss-space.

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